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Fredrik Härén is an author and speaker on Business Creativity. He has delivered over 2000 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 60 countries on 6 continents and has inspired hundreds of thousands of business people to become more creative and to look at the world in a new way. He is the author of nine books, including “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

30 December 2017
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December News: A global year comes to an end,


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 07.48.55


In December I had the privilege to speak for companies for such diverse industries as cars, construction and nuts … I worked in companies internal learning rooms, at hotel ballrooms and – as this picture shows- outside on a deck overlooking a stunning beach in Portugal.

30 November 2017
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November News: 3 continents in 30 days.

The months of November took me to Denmark (to discuss a new project), to Sweden (to speak at a sales conference), to Myanmar (to speak to chicken breeders), to Dubai (to speak at the Africa/Middle East management conference of VISA), and to South Africa (to be part of a conference around creating new speeches around reconciliation together with speakers from all over the world.

That means that in November alone I spoke in Europe, Asia and Africa. The mix of industries, cultures, audiences and countries is what makes the job of a global professional speaker so enriching.

But the highlight of the month was not speaking, but listening. When I was in South Africa I got the privilege to be part of a personal and exclusive tour of Robben Island to learn more about the island that held Nelson Mandela prisoner for 27 years. Such a powerful and insightful experience.

See a video of the visit to Robben island here.

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30 October 2017
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October News: Chickens, cars and investments.

October was yet another diverse month.

In a matter of two days I spoke for:

– Chicken breeders in Hong Kong

– Financial investors in Hong Kong


– Educators in the auto industry in Munich.

All in less than 48 hours.

These three groups, from three totally different industries from different parts of the world have very little in common – but they all need to be inspired to think in new ways, and thus I got the privilege to speak to them. The best part of being a global keynote speaker is how much you get to learn from so many different industries from all around the world.

30 September 2017
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September News: Focus on the north

I might live on the equator (in Singapore) but in September my focus was on speaking – on 3 continents – in the north part of our beautiful planet.

North America: Canada.

I speaking tour took me all over Canada to speak to Entrepreneurs in 5 different Canadian cities.

Europe: Sweden.

The leaders of EY Norway put their annual convention in Sweden and invited me to speak to them.

Asia: Mongolia.

I got the privilege to finally speak in Mongolia as I launched my book “The Idea Book” in Mongolian (the 17th language the book has been translated in.)


I also got to speak for lawyers in Hong Kong, bankers in Singapore and did pro-bono speech for an inspiring youth organisation developing young children from across Asia. All in all a great and inspiring month.



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31 August 2017
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August News: From speaking to 400,000 people to speaking in Nepal.

August became a month of contrast, especially the week of Aug 7 to 13th.

In the same week I was:

– One of the keynote speakers at The Global Leadership Summit – the largest leadership summit in the world with 10,000 people in the audience, 150,000 people watching live, and a total of 400,000 (!) people watching over video link in 128 countries around the world.

It was an amazing experience to speak at the Summit and to share the stage with giants like  Sheryl Sandberg, Marcus Buckingham, Bill Hybels and many more great speakers.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.57.15


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 15.32.59


Then just two days after delivering a speech at the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago I found myself in Katmandu speaking at the leading branding conference of Nepal.

The life of a global, keynote speaker is exciting and the mix of people you meet and situations you get to experience is inspiring.

9 August 2017
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31 July 2017
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July News: Vacation (mostly).

July tends to be my vacation month, and this month I spent most of the month with my family on our private island in Sweden.

But I did manage to squeeze in a speech in Macau for Asian managers of AVNET and a speech in Toronto for 4000+ clients and partners of IT company OpenText, making the month of July quite a global month mentally for me any way.

Spending time on 3 continents in one month makes it easy to continue to develop a global mindset.

30 June 2017
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June News: A diverse and international month.

June was a inspirationally diverse month.

I got to speak to:

– Business leaders in Hong Kong, invited by the Swedish government to represent Swedish creativity.

– Global tax managers at a EY conference in Barcelona.

– Global HR managers from the law firm DLA Piper having a conference in Warsaw.

– Global customers of BMW attending a customer event in Munich (3 speeches over 3 days)

– Young leaders from 50+ countries taking part in the Queen’s Young Leaders program in Cambridge.

– German entrepreneurs at a conference in Berlin.


– Global clients of steel company Voestalpine at a customer event in their factory in Belgium.

I also did two talks for professional speakers. One in Hong Kong and one in Irland, where I spoke about being a global keynote speaker. I think the month of June shows that that is what I am.


31 May 2017
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May News: Spring is in the air, speaker is in the air.

May took me flying around the world to speak. I spoke for:

– A global group of lawyers meeting in London, UK.

– A group of global tax experts meeting in Shanghai, China.

– A group of global business developers from IKEA meeting in KL, Malaysia.

As you can notice all the examples above are for global groups, part of my strategy to be “The Global Conference Speaker” as in: the preferred speaker of choice for global conferences. (See: for more information.)

(I also, like most months, did a couple of speeches “at home” in Singapore, including for PayPal this month.)

30 April 2017
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April News: Island month.

Last year I started a project which I call: “The Human Island Project”, where I plan to visit 100 islands around the world in 100 months. I do it to learn more about humanity by visiting islands. (You can read about the project here.)

As it turned out April was a month where I only spoke in Islands. I did a series of speeches in Mauritius (and brought my wife so we could extended the stay and combine it with a island vacation.)

And I also did some speeches on my “home island” of Singapore, including one at the Speakers Academy teaching other speakers about how to become a global keynote speaker.

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