1 September 2016
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August News


In August I focused my free time on meeting with and mentoring other speakers. In just the month of August I had one-on-one meetings (for at least one hour each, often longer) with more than 40 professional speakers. (Picture from one of the many one-on-one-speaker sessions that I did.)

I do that to give back to the speaking community, but also to learn and become better as a speaker myself.

The only speech I did was a pro-bono speech for a university which had invited me to give a speech on what why I choose to take so much time off to be with my young children. The fact that Paternity leave is seen as an exotic, progressive idea is both inspiring and depressing. Depressing when I think how far we still have to go before fatherhood means that father takes care of their children. Inspiring when I think about how things are starting to change.

Now getting ready to get back on the road again as global professional speaker.

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