News January
30 January 2012
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News January


All industries need to change. Here are some examples of how companies in some fast changing industries engaged Fredrik Härén, during January 2012, to get people inspired about the rapid change in their industry.

Three examples:

All the managers at Handelsbanken in Gävle, Sweden needed to be inspired to think about new way to do business as banking adapts to life after the financial crises.

A couple of hundred advertising executives at Ogilvy India met at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai to be inspired about new ways of doing advertising in a media world that is rapidly changing from mass media to personalized media.

and DNV in Singapore invited some of their key clients for a talk about how the shipping industry will have to change in an enviroment of vast over capacity.

How fast is your industry changing? Do you also need inspiration to be able to change as fast?