21 December 2015
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Time to summarise a global year.



2015 has been yet another global year for me – which is fitting since I am “The Global Conference Speaker”.

I did 80% of my speeches outside my home country of Singapore.


22% of my speeches were in Asia. (Excluding my speeches done Singapore)

17% of my speeches were in the Americas.

29% of my speeches were in Europe. (7% were in my native Sweden.)

7% of my speeches were in Africa/Middle East.

5% of my speeches were in Australia.


All in all I spoke in 22 different countries – on 5 continents in 12 months (bringing the total number of countries that I have been invited to speak in to more than 60. This year I added Croatia and Brazil to the list.)

But numbers can never really summarise all the amazing moments and experiences that makes up a year for a global conference speaker.

Just some of the many, many interesting speaking assignments that I did in 2015 include:

A global conference for BMW in Munich

A global conference for MINI in London

A global conference for Bentley dealers in Manchester

The Asia Partner Conference for EY.

The Global Conference for Nexia in Rio De Janeiro.

A South- and North America Tour for BMW (including speeches in Sao Paolo, Mexico City, New York and Las Vegas).

The Distributor Conference for CANON for Europe/Africa/Middle East – in Paris.

And many, many more.

I got to work with companies from all kinds of industries, from banks (Like Standard Chartered in Bangladesh) to travel  (Booking.com in Thailand), to space (Rymdbolaget in Sweden) and government (a conference for awareness of people with disabilities in Abu Dhabi.)

And many, many more.

The more i travel the world, the more I meet people from different cultures, countries – or industries -, the more I feel that we all belong to one big group – and the power and the possibilities that would be unleashed if we all truly understood this would be amazing.

It is the possibility of getting mankind to think and act as one with the best interest of all that keeps me motivated to spread my message of innovation, creativity and the positive aspects of having a global mindset to as many places as I can.

I can not wait for 2016 to begin so I continue this journey.

(Picture of the wall of my house – yes, I like to remind myself to have a global mindset even when I am home.)

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