1 March 2015
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February – a short, but diverse month.


February was a perfect example of how diverse the assignment can be for a global speaker – and how interesting.

Just look at three totally different examples of jobs that I did this moths.

a) The Global Communications Conference of BMW, in Munich, Germany.

300 of the top communications managers of BMW globally met to learn about the company’s strategy for the future. My role was to get them to think about what it means to be a TGC – “A Truly Global Company.”

(I was the only external speaker at the event.)

b) The Innovation Day at Cognizant in Chennai, India.

Cognizant is an amazing consulting company with more than 210 000 employees that puts a lot of emphasis on innovation. As part of their annual Innovation day I was invited to inspire their employees to develop their innovation.

(This was the fourth year that Cognizant helt their “Innovation Days” – and am the only speaker who has een invited back to speak at the event a second time.)

c) The Annual Global Management Conference of SSC in Stockholm, Sweden.

The global management team for the space company SCC met in Stockholm to discuss how the rapid development in the space industry would affect their company and how they could take advantage of these changes. My role was to inspire them to look at change in a positive way.

(I was one of two external speaker at the event. The other speaker was the “Head of Space” at Google.)


Three totally different industries, three totally different audiences – and three totally different keynote speeches.

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