1 March 2016
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For this months news I want to focus on pro-bono speeches.

I was once asked if I thought professional speakers should ever speak for free. I replied: “Of course, it is part of a speakers CSR.”

I then got the follow up question: “But is it not bad for business?”

I replied: “A speaker who is not speaking for free is not making enough money.”

What I meant by that is that it should be obvious that a speaker should speak pro-bono to certain kinds of clients. And if a speaker doesn’t think some clients should get a speech without paying, it might be because the speaker is not good enough at getting paid speeches somewhere else.

I speak for free a number of times per year.

Just last week I spoke for a number of teachers and principals of elementary schools in Singapore. Why? Because teachers to amazing work and as someone who has children living in Singapore it felt like the least I could do.

But I also recently spoke for, for example, a women’s network. Why? Because they are not running a corporate business and if they are not commercial, then neither do I have to be.

I try to spread out the pro-bono speeches between different groups, audiences, industries and situations. If you have a group who would benefit from a speech on innovation, change or global mindset but who doesn’t have the budget to bring in a professional speaker, please drop me an email and explain the situation and let’s see what we can do.


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