Ideas Island

Give US$1,000 to charity and get to stay on a private island all by yourself – for free – so you can work on your ideas.

Did you ever wish you could just get away and sit alone on a private island and just focus on your best ideas? Well, now you can.

Ideas Island has been created as a safe haven for creatives. A place made to inspire and motivate people with great ideas to make those ideas happen.

If you are willing to give $1,000 to charity we will let you stay for free. Private islands can cost thousands of dollar per day to rent. But we believe people should be encouraged to be creative, so we decided not to charge anything for your stay.

We want to help great an enviroment that helps to bring some great ideas to life. And we all know that truly great ideas come when we are in solitude, when we are relaxed, when we are close to nature and when we feel in tune with the universe.

So, what better place to think about ideas than alone on a private island!


About the islands

We have three Ideas Islands.
Ideas Island 1:

A 30,000 sqm big, private island in Palawan, (sleeps 4)

Ideas Island 2:

A 7,000 sqm private island just outside Stockholm, Sweden. (Sleeps 5-6)

Ideas Island 3:

A 2,000 sqm private island also just outside Stockholm, Sweden. (Sleeps 5)

At the moment, only Ideas Island 2 and 3 are open.

Our ideas island in the Philippines was hit badly by the Yolanda Thypoon.
All we had built – the house, the tree house, the boats etc- is now gone.
The only thing that survived was the toilet…So for the time being Ideas Island Philippines is closed.

How it works.

Tell us what idea you want to work on and why we should let you go.

If you get selected you get the whole island to yourself. There are no other guests.

Normally you get to stay for a week.

We do not charge you anything for it.


So what are you waiting for? Read more about the three islands by clicking on them to the right. Then put together a complete and inspiring application and who knows – perhaps you will soon sit and work on some great ideas on one of the Ideas Islands!


If you want a glimpse of what it will be like, check out this video done by one of our previous guests who stayed at Ideas Island #1 in the Philippines:




Q: Do I really get to stay on the island without paying?

A: Yes! Great isn’t it?  (We do ask that you pledge $1,000 to charity, more about that below.)


Q: This is too good to be true! What is the catch? (Or: Is this fake?)

A; It is NOT fake. And there is no catch! If you pledge $1,000 to charity you and your friends can stay a week on a private island. We have created ideas island in honour of all creative people who have created things that people used to think was too good to be true!


Q: How long can I stay?

A: Normally one week. If you can argue well for why one week is not enough then we might let you stay longer.


Q: How many people can stay on the island?

A: Between 4 and 6 depending on the island. So it is ok to bring friends. (The $1,000 to charity is per group, not per person.) There will never be other guests on the island, so the only people you will be charing the island with is the friends you bring along.


Q: We want to go on honey moon/vacation/celebrate a birthday etc on your island, will you let us go?

A: No. Ideas Island exists purely to let creative people get away to work on their ideas.


Q: Do I have to cover the cost of going there myself?

A: Yes. You pay for your travel. You pay for the food. You stay for free.


Q: Why are you asking for US$ 1,000 to charity.

A: It is a way for us to filter out the good applicants. There are many people who would love to stay for free on a private island. By seeing who is willing to give $ 1,000 to charity we feel we more easily can identify the nice guys. 😉

Please note that 100% of that money goes to the charity! We do not take anything.


Q: Which charity will I be supporting?

A: At the moment we are supporting re-planing efforts in Palawan and an orphanage in Coron, both Philippines. In the future we will also offer a chance to support a Swedish charity.


Q: How can you offer it for fee? (Or: Why don’t you charge?)

A: Fredrik Härén covers the cost of maintaining, marketing and administrating the three ideas islands. It is, of course, a sizeable amount, but he thinks it is worth it if it can inspire people to work on their best ideas. (And the reason we do not charge is that it would take away all the magic. It would be boring. And, frankly, uncreative.)


Q: How do I get there?

A: If have sent in a proper application, and if you are selected to get to go, you will get a PDF with all the information you need about the island you will be going to.


Q: Which weeks are available?

A: We are working on a on-line booking function, until that is done, please just email us which week(s) you would like to go. First come first serve.


Q: When can I go?

A: The Swedish Islands are open from 1st june to 30th september. The one in the Philippines is open year round, except july and august which is rainy season.


Q: What is the chance of me getting to go?

A: At the moment we are very selective with letting people go. We are still learning how to do this and we rather have a few happy guests than to always be fully booked. (Remember, we are not doing this to make money, we actually loose money doing it.)


Q: Will you inform me for your reason for not selecting me?

A: At the moment we do NOT have the resources to reply personally to every email application that we get. We will ONLY reply to you if you HAVE been selected. But we hope to soon have enough manpower to be able to reply to everyone. In the meantime we ask for your understanding.


Q: What is the weather like?

A: Sorry, we do not have time to answer simple questions like this.

(Ideas Island is not a resort. It is not a hotel. We lend out private islands and do not charge for it, so please forgive us for not being able to answer all kind of questions around the islands. If you are serious about wanting to go, please apply and if you get selected you will receive a PDF with all the information you need.


Q: How do you select who gets to go?

A: We look at the kind idea you want to develop. If you and your idea inspire us, we would love to help you bring your ideas to life.


Final words

We think great ideas are inspiring. And we therefore think great ideas should be inspired!

So, that’s it. Stop dreaming, and just send in your application.

We leave you with some examples of the views you will be looking at if you do get to go.


(View from Ideas Island #1)


(View from Ideas Island #2)


(View from Ideas Island #3)

1 November 2012
Ideas Island
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Voice of an Ideas Island Beta Tester

“The bare peacefulness of Ideas Island will enable the “stimulation vacuum” that city life does not allow us to experience. This will let those fragile ideas and perceptions to emerge, like meditating without the pain in the knees :-)”
– Benjamin Joffe, Internet and digital media expert, Plus8star.

4 October 2012
Ideas Island
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Voice from one of the Beta Testers of Ideas Island

“Staying on Ideas Island really helped me out.

One dream that I had for the last 4 years was to make ART, but I was always postponing that. I was “busy” with work, family, girlfriend, playing music, etc etc. Finally I went to your island and I had no excuses. I had the time and mindset to do it. I was just so happy there, feeling so peaceful and inspired.

Besides the art thingy that I was doing over there, I had a really deep connection with my inner-creative. I still don’t know how to explain it, but I’ll give a try.

First of all, I was very quiet on the island. On the other hand, I was very talkative, but only inside my mind. I had a lot of discussions with myself. It was crazy. I did so many reflections: about happiness, friendship, knowledge, life goals, etc etc. I wrote a diary over there. I was thinking so many stuff that I start to write every single day and I wrote about 90 pages in 14 days.

I’ve learned a lot just staying with myself. I’m feeling a better person, not a different one, but a deeper. I put a lot of more value on life now.

That’s it. Sorry for the long e-mail. I could write even more actually, but I’m feeling that this is enough.

I just want to say thank you. I appreciate your initiative with the Ideas Island. To me this is the project of your life – you should invest a lot on that because it is brilliant.


– Gustavo Malucelli, New Media Artist

18 September 2012
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Sneak Peak: Ideas Island

A teaser of what the future of Ideas Island will hold…

15 September 2012
Ideas Island
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Voice of a Beta Tester of Ideas Island

“I heard about the Ideas Island through a friend and thought what a great opportunity to plan my next move. Living in the busy world of Singapore working long hours and also trying to squeeze in a social life, sport and sleep means I rarely get time to think.

I wanted to start my own business but week after week, month after month I never gave it any thought. Ideas Island beats every getaway, hideaway, escape, retreat etc. that I’ve ever been on. It’s solitude surrounded by a beautiful blue sea swarming with life, perfect to let your mind wander and reign it in to focus when it lights the lightbulb! The caretaker is just that, they take care of everything including feeding you and they’re stealth like, so it really is just you, your ideas and the island. My business is now up and running and running in profit. Thank you!”

– Trudy Fawcett, Organic Food Expert

26 August 2012
Ideas Island
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Voice of a Beta Tester of Ideas Island

“We are now back from our stay at Ideas Island, and we can not stop thinking about the place! It is not a 5-star hotel: but it is a “all-star-experience”! What we got to experience on your island is something that you can not get anywhere else! Amazing.”

Idriz Minnet Zogaj, Memory master

7 July 2012
Ideas Island
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Voice of a Beta Tester of Ideas Island

“Ideas Island is great to sit down and think but also to be active and to explore….

My favorite place on Ideas Island is the look out on top of the island. This place is like oxygen for the mind it inspires to think, exchange ideas and to imagine the future.

– Bastian Döhling, The Insight Bureau

15 June 2012
Ideas Island
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Voice of a Beta Tester of Ideas Island

“[It was a long journey from Shanhai to Ideas Island,] but as the picturesque island gradually emerge in front of your eyes and the friendly Philpino care takers of the island waiting for you with fresh pressed mango juice and newly grilled squid still smell the freshness of the sea, almost immediatelly you are convinced that every effect you have made to come here is well rewarded with something you have never experienced before in any other places.

It is the contrast of the silence and noise of the island that has left the strongest impresson on me on my first visit to the island. Living in Shanghai’s city center, our ears have been constantly filled with all kinds of noises at anytime of the day. Here on the Idea Island, on a bright sunny day, the only sound that disturbs the tranqulity of the stillness is the rusling of the wind through tropic trees. Sometimes, a fishing boat passing by, stops and offers us some fresh catch of the day. In the absolute silence of the nature, our minds get closer to our hearts. We start to hear things that we usually easilly ignored: our friends’ life story, our children’s witty comments, the song of the birds , the silent signs of love.

But when darkness arrives, the island transforms into an active living zoo. Or is it because our ears start to hear more? At night the jungle underneath our bungalow is filled with life.

If there are myth and legend, let it be here: the ocean that five hundred years ago travelled by Maggellan, the water that fifty years ago sank the Japanese fleets, now underneath my feet, life on the island entwined my mind with fresh new ideas sparkling with wit and insight.

They are suprisingly beautiful.”

Kaiemei Wang, Curator, Shanghai.