13 January 2014
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Inspiring Ideas. Globally.

For me 2013 was the “global year”. I launched my new book – One World. One Company – about being a Truly Global Company. And then I set out to travel the world to speak. It turned out to be a pretty global year. Here are some statistics about my 2013:

* I spoke in 26 different (!) countries just last year

* 92.6% of my paid speeches in 2013 where outside my “home country” of Singapore.

* +45% of my speeches in 2013 where outside my home continent of Asia.

* I passed 50 countries spoken in in 2013

* I spoke on 5 continents in 2013 (and have spoken on 6 in total as a professional speaker.)

* I boarded 137 flights that took med to speak in 37 different cities

* I spent 700 hours on planes in 8 months (which is the same as a professional airline pilot :) (I had 4 months of in 2013 as I was on paternity leave, so I did the above in 8 months.)

* And finally, I spoke on “How to be a global speaker” at the “Global Speaker Summit” 😉

It was a great year. A fun year. And a global year!
I did some videos about the crazy, global year of 2013.

You can find them here:

My three favourite ones are:




I hope these videos, and my book, will encourage people to have a more global mindset. It has never been more important – or valuable – to think globally than now.



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