1 September 2015
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July and August – Paternity Leave and vacation

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After a hectic year (My FY ends Aug 31.) that took me literally around the world a few times I decided to use the last two months to be with my family.

As a speaker who travels a lot it is important to also spend a lot of time with the family. (I actually spend more time at home with my kids than someone who works 9-5 and never travels, I have written about it here.)

To for two months stayed put with my family (most of the time on our Island in Sweden.)

I did do a few speeches that were to fun to turn down.

For example:

The Asian conference for Bookings.com (as someone who stay so much in hotels it was just to good to turn down…)

The Asian conference for Trendwatching.com (as someone who makes a living on telling companies what is going to happen in the world, the chance to listen to some of the best trend watchers in the world was too valuable to turn down.)

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