1 August 2016
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July News

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July was the beginning of my 2 months paternity leave and I spent the first month or so on our beautiful island in Sweden just playing with my kids.

Being a global speaker means that you also need to block out “no-work” periods in order to stay sane. I am in the middle of that right now.


But I did take a break from paternity leave to fly to Phoenix, Arizona to be the keynote speaker at the National Speaker Associations’s INFLUENCE conference where I had been invited to speak at the opening of “The International Day.”

I was invited to speak on how to become a global speaker.

But I of course also took the opportunity to learn from some of the very best speakers from around the world who had been invited to speak at this conference. INFLUENCE is, by far, the world’s largest and most respected conference for professional speakers with 2000+ participants from all over the world.

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