1 June 2015
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May – Around the world speaking (literally).


In the months of May I was really living up to the name of being “the global keynote speaker”, I got to go to Bangkok for a job, attend a course in Malaysia, and do a speech in China. And most of all, I got to use a around-the-world-ticket that took me, well, around the world.

I started in Singapore on May 17 and flew to Oslo, Norway to give a speech for Norwegian business people.

Then off to Brazil for a speech in Sao Paulo.

And then onwards to Mexico City, Mexico for a talk for the employees and car dealers of BMW.

My “tour” then continued to New York to give a speech to the employees of BWM North America.

(The world tour then continued into June with speeches in Canada and China, but more about that in next months post.)

Happy to have a job that takes me to see so many different parts of this amazing planet in just a short months time. (Talking about seeing different things: the picture is of a dish made out of ants eggs that my client in Mexico insisted that I try. (It was quite good actually.)


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