1 July 2016
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June News

For a speaker focused on speaking in different places all over the world, June was a great month.

I got my “Asia inspiration” from speaking in countries like Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

I got my “Europe inspiration” from speaking in Luxembourg, Cambridge and Madrid.

East and West.

I also got to see totally different industries: from make-up to banks. From insurance to lawyers.

But perhaps the most inspirational speech I did was to speak for the participants of “The Queen’s Young Leaders Program” where selected young leaders from all over the Common Wealth gather for an amazing week where they get to learn from everything from BCC to visiting the Prime Minister and receive an award from The Queen.

Speaking from such a young energetic, intelligent and dynamic group of young people from literally all over the world – in a setting of the old Cambridge University – was such an inspiration for me.

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