1 July 2015
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June – The magic of diverse experiences

In June I got to:

Speak for volunteers of CAA at their 101-year conference (in Toronto, Canada.)

Hundreds of some of the largest car dealers in the USA (at a conference in Las Vegas, USA)

Global clients of Sandvik (flown in for a conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.)

And so on.

Three examples of how diverse the job of a global speaker can be.

Different industries, different countries (and continents), different audiences, different purposes for having the conference (members, internal and clients)- and different speeches. And so on.


My favourite speech this months was probably speaking on being a Truly Global Company for the Global HR Managers of some of the largest Chinese companies (like Lenovo, Alibaba, Geely and so on.) Getting to hear how these big and successful Chinese multinational companies are taking the next steps into becoming truly global was fascinating.  I love when I speak at a conference and learn as much as I teach.

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