31 March 2015
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Me: One of “The Top 10 Swedish Speakers ever” according to Sweden’s oldest speaker bureau.

Today I am VERY happy and humbled to find out that I was included on the list of “The Top 10 Swedish Speakers ever”. The list was compiled by the Swedish speaker bureau SAJ (which is one of the oldest and most respected bureaus in Sweden.)
Stefan Jonsson, CEO and founder of SAJ said about the list: “I believe I am the person in Sweden who has seen the most professional speakers in this country, During 21 years I have seen on average three to four different speakers every week.”
And out of all those speakers SAJ then picked their all-time favourites – and 1 of those 10 was me. It is extra fun since I have not been living in Sweden for ten years. (I share the list with great speakers like Hans Rosling, Göran Kropp and Ernst-Hugo Järegård.

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