8 February 2013
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News January.

The month of January was full of different experiences.

It started off with me on a floating raft in Palawan. I had breakfast on a river side hotel in Bangkok. Got to see the amazing fjords of Norway and got to go powder snow snowboarding in Sapporo, Japan. (Probably the best skiing of my life.) I then got to go back to Thailand again, before spending some time in Singapore and ending the month by going to KL, Malaysia twice in one week.

My clients were as diverse as the landscapes I got to see in January.

I spoke for senior managers of Volvo Trucks Asia, and politicians in Trondheim, for TV sales executives at FOX Asia, for Country heads for health company Mega and for Key Account Managers for Ericsson South East Asia, management students at SMU and I was the keynote speaker at the global conference for HID.

Even the subjects I was asked to speak on were diverse.

I spoke on: Creativity in The Developing World, Business Creativity, One World. One Company (about being a global company) and I even did a speech about how I look at the future of the world, and another one on how to live a creative life.

Yes, January was really full of different experiences.

(Picture of my legs covered by 50 cm of powder snow a few hours before I did my speech in Japan.)

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