12 September 2013
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News for August

Looking Back

In August Fredrik was in Sweden enjoying his time on his island. But he also took the time to speak for some schools. He spoke for 2000+ students at Jōnkōping University. After the speech the client wrote “You are a Rockstar here now!”

He also spoke for the new 150 students at HyperIsland school in Stockholm. One student summarised the speech as: “It was a bloody great speech!” Finally he spoke for all the teachers at the largest private school company in Sweden. After the speech one teacher wrote “You are an amazing speaker and you truly inspire people- including me!”

To be able to inspire students – and teachers – to become more creative is one of the most rewarding parts of being a speaker. If you know of a school that would benefit from a speech from Fredrik please let me know, he would love to come and help out.



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