26 July 2013
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News for July.

This month I am in the middle of a 9 week tour of all 3 Ideas Islands.
I started with a one week stay on Ideas Island 1 in the Philippines.
I then spent one week on Ideas Island 2
And I am now on a 4 week stay on Ideas Island 3 before going back to Ideas Island 2.

9 weeks on Ideas Islands: an overdose of creative inspiration and quality of life.

Spending the days getting inspired by nature, contemplating ideas in the serenity of being isolated on an island and enjoying the feeling of how life slows down.

That means 9 weeks (whereof 6 weeks in a row) of no traveling, no speaking, no clients. And a minimal of work.

Yesterday I went to the Abba Museum in Stockholm and learnt that Bjorn and Benny of Abba wrote almost all of their hits on a small island outside Stockholm. In a video Benny said: “Being on tour kills creativity.” I think he, like me, are of the opinion that traveling the world is great for inspiration that can LEAD to ideas – but the ideas will not COME unless you give yourself time to unwind, relax and slow down.

So after speaking in 23 different countries in 2012 and jetting around in the same way in 2013 I am now in a contemplation phase consisting of 9 weeks on Ideas Islands.

If you also want to experience the unique feeling of spending time on any of the Ideas Islands click on the Ideas Island link and apply for a chance to stay.

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