2 June 2013
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News for May

May was a months with less than normal travel for Fredrik.

Yet he still managed to go to: Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Philippines and Singapore for work.

The theme of the month can be called “Learning” as many of his assignments this month was about learning in one way or another.

Like how he was the opening speaker at the first course by HyperIsland in Singapore.

Or how he was invited to speak at the European Union about the importance of play.

Or how he spoke for 600 kindergarten teachers about creativity and learning.

Or how he was invited to speak about being a global citizen at a seminar at Oslo University.

But the most fun part was probably flying to Sweden to receive the keys to our third Ideas Island and being able to kick-start the island by having a guest stay there the very first month of operation.

The guest was very happy with his stay. So lets end with his quote from the island:

“I had the opportunity to stay a few days at the ideas island #3 (Vifärnaholme) in Sweden and it was a very special and great experience. I stayed 4 days at the island to write on my new book ‘Less is beautiful’ and got a lot of inspiration and a lot of work done thanks to the island. There are not a lot of distractions from the ‘busyness world’ so I could really focus on your goal + if I got stuck, I explored the island and everytime I found a new ‘secret’ place to get inspired. Absolutely recommended if you’re looking for silence, concentration and making ideas happen.”

– Cyriel Kortleven

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