1 December 2015
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November – Around the world (again)

For the second time in three months I went around the world in 8 days or less.

This months it was an epic trip that took me from Singapore-Tokyo (where I had Sushi) – Houston (where I had Hamburger) – Rio (where I had rum) – Portugal (where I had tapas) – Switzerland (where I Schnitzel) – Amsterdam (where I had cheese) – Istanbul (where I had tea) – and Kuala Lumpur (where I just had a quick transfer 😉 before coming back to Singapore again 204 hour after I left.

I got to speak at the global conference of Nexia,

for global managers at Credit Suisse,

for top managers at ING,

for clients of Bentley in Sydney and Melbourne,

and -very exciting – for 1700 Partners of EY from 22 different countries having their conference in Singapore

(For the EY conference I got the share the stage with people like Steve Wozniak (creator of Apple II computer and global ideas wizard), and Linda Yueh (BBC presenter, Adjunct Professor of Economics at London Business School, and Visiting Professor of Economics at Peking University.)

All in the month of November.

One of the most exciting and fun months for someone like me who likes to speak for global audiences globally.
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