This page is inspired by “The NOW movement” – – An idea and a movement, started by Derek Sivers, about describing to the world what you are focusing on right now.


What I am doing right now:


Professionally: Speaking Globally.


Focused on speaking for global groups/global conferences around the world.

(Right now especially interested to speak in: New Zeeland, Ireland, Argentina, and Mongolia and more African countries.)

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Semi-professionally: Committed to getting more people to be speakers and more speakers to speak globally.

(Always interested in ideas/topics speakers want me to blog about around speaking and speaking globally.)

Blogging about it at:


Personally: Dedicated to getting more fathers to take a bigger responsibility in fatherhood (including more dads taking more and longer paternity leave.)

(Interested to hear more great examples, stories and facts that support the idea of paternity leave.)

The blog is on:


Non-profit: “Ideas Island” – A project to let people develop their creativity by staying – for free – on one of my island.

(I knows it sounds crazy, but it is true. I am offering a free weeks stay on one a private island (outside Stockholm, Sweden) so that you can work on your creative ideas. Why? Because I know how well it works.

Read more – and apply to go yourself – at:


Any ideas, requests or proposals regarding the things I have listed above are things I am most likely to say “YES” to.


About me.

I, Fredrik Haren, am a professional speaker focused on speaking on innovation, change and having a global mindset. I have been invited to speak in 60+ countries on 6 continents and I have given more than 2000 speeches over a 20-year speaking career.

(I have also written 9 books – including “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.” I am right now in the process of deciding what my next writing project should be.)

Right now I am on semi paternity leave – something that I plan to be for at least 3 – 5 more years, which means I still work, but less than normal.