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Fredrik Härén is an author and speaker on Business Creativity. He has delivered over 2000 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 60 countries on 6 continents and has inspired hundreds of thousands of business people to become more creative and to look at the world in a new way. He is the author of nine books, including “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

1 July 2015
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June – The magic of diverse experiences

In June I got to:

Speak for volunteers of CAA at their 101-year conference (in Toronto, Canada.)

Hundreds of some of the largest car dealers in the USA (at a conference in Las Vegas, USA)

Global clients of Sandvik (flown in for a conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.)

And so on.

Three examples of how diverse the job of a global speaker can be.

Different industries, different countries (and continents), different audiences, different purposes for having the conference (members, internal and clients)- and different speeches. And so on.


My favourite speech this months was probably speaking on being a Truly Global Company for the Global HR Managers of some of the largest Chinese companies (like Lenovo, Alibaba, Geely and so on.) Getting to hear how these big and successful Chinese multinational companies are taking the next steps into becoming truly global was fascinating.  I love when I speak at a conference and learn as much as I teach.

1 June 2015
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May – Around the world speaking (literally).


In the months of May I was really living up to the name of being “the global keynote speaker”, I got to go to Bangkok for a job, attend a course in Malaysia, and do a speech in China. And most of all, I got to use a around-the-world-ticket that took me, well, around the world.

I started in Singapore on May 17 and flew to Oslo, Norway to give a speech for Norwegian business people.

Then off to Brazil for a speech in Sao Paulo.

And then onwards to Mexico City, Mexico for a talk for the employees and car dealers of BMW.

My “tour” then continued to New York to give a speech to the employees of BWM North America.

(The world tour then continued into June with speeches in Canada and China, but more about that in next months post.)

Happy to have a job that takes me to see so many different parts of this amazing planet in just a short months time. (Talking about seeing different things: the picture is of a dish made out of ants eggs that my client in Mexico insisted that I try. (It was quite good actually.)


2 May 2015
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April – Yet another month of extremes



Let me illustrate the diversity of experiences by sharing with you three different speeches that I did during the month of April:

a) A conference on disabilities in Abu Dhabi with mostly government officials in the audience.

b) An Asian conference for the travel industry in Bangkok, Thailand with mostly international business people in the audience.

c) A business conference in Kiev, Ukraine, with mostly local Ukrainian business people in the audience.

Three totally different parts of the world, three totally different industries, three totally different conferences.

But they all had one thing in common: They were three of the clients that booked me to deliver a keynote address for their delegates during this month.

ps. The highlight of the month was to share the stage with Sir Richard Branson – a creative business man with a global mindset.

1 April 2015
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March – the perks of being a Global Professional Speaker.



In the month of March I got to stay not once – but twice (!) – in an amazing resort in the Philippines as part of my job.

First at a resort in Cebu while doing a speech for the most important clients of SAS, and then again when Globe invited their most important clients to a private island in beautiful Palawan for a exclusive weekend of knowledge sharing. (Picture of our breakfast buffet.)

But it was not all resorts and beaches. I also got to speak at a Facility Management conference in Dubai, at a logistics conference in Singapore and – for the second year in a row – at the Global Dealer Conference of Bentley, that this year took place in Manchester.

In other words, a months full of diverse places, people and insights. Just the way I like it.

31 March 2015
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Me: One of “The Top 10 Swedish Speakers ever” according to Sweden’s oldest speaker bureau.

Today I am VERY happy and humbled to find out that I was included on the list of “The Top 10 Swedish Speakers ever”. The list was compiled by the Swedish speaker bureau SAJ (which is one of the oldest and most respected bureaus in Sweden.)
Stefan Jonsson, CEO and founder of SAJ said about the list: “I believe I am the person in Sweden who has seen the most professional speakers in this country, During 21 years I have seen on average three to four different speakers every week.”
And out of all those speakers SAJ then picked their all-time favourites – and 1 of those 10 was me. It is extra fun since I have not been living in Sweden for ten years. (I share the list with great speakers like Hans Rosling, Göran Kropp and Ernst-Hugo Järegård.

1 March 2015
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February – a short, but diverse month.


February was a perfect example of how diverse the assignment can be for a global speaker – and how interesting.

Just look at three totally different examples of jobs that I did this moths.

a) The Global Communications Conference of BMW, in Munich, Germany.

300 of the top communications managers of BMW globally met to learn about the company’s strategy for the future. My role was to get them to think about what it means to be a TGC – “A Truly Global Company.”

(I was the only external speaker at the event.)

b) The Innovation Day at Cognizant in Chennai, India.

Cognizant is an amazing consulting company with more than 210 000 employees that puts a lot of emphasis on innovation. As part of their annual Innovation day I was invited to inspire their employees to develop their innovation.

(This was the fourth year that Cognizant helt their “Innovation Days” – and am the only speaker who has een invited back to speak at the event a second time.)

c) The Annual Global Management Conference of SSC in Stockholm, Sweden.

The global management team for the space company SCC met in Stockholm to discuss how the rapid development in the space industry would affect their company and how they could take advantage of these changes. My role was to inspire them to look at change in a positive way.

(I was one of two external speaker at the event. The other speaker was the “Head of Space” at Google.)


Three totally different industries, three totally different audiences – and three totally different keynote speeches.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 01.43.39

1 February 2015
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January – Learning and teaching.

The months of January was a months of both learning and teaching for me- and also a month of traveling. The year started with a bit of a vacation with the family in California. I then got to spend one week in San Francisco doing some intense writing locked up in a borrowed apartment. I also got to go to Orlando Florida to attend the CSP Summit – a conference that only Certified Speaking Professionals get to attend. At the conference I got to learn som very valuable things around developing my global speaking business.

And yes, I did do some speaking too… Including a really fun assignment in Dubai for a Global Conference of a financial services company.

2 January 2015
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December – Two worlds yet One World

In December I travelled to San Francisco for a one month vacation with my family (After first doing a couple of speeches in Hong Kong.) One of many reasons for the trip to the USA was that I (as the swede I am) wanted my children (who are born and raised in Singapore) to experience snow. We also got to take them to such different places as Yosemite National Park, the great trees of Muir Woods, San Francisco and Disneyland. The picture is from Lake Tahoe. I am thankful to be able to experiencing  such different places as Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. Earth is an amazing place with many different cultures, climates and people – and to travel the world to see and experience some of them does – I think – make us more human. I wish you a happy 2015.




1 December 2014
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The importance of going to new places

The month of November was another international month.

Perhaps the most interesting speeches where for 700 top government officials in Dubai and the partners of KPMG in Saudi Arabia. During those two speeches I got to experience how the world is changing for the better thanks to how we are all learning more about each other.

I posted a video of one interview I did in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a manager of KPMG who just hired the company’s first female manager.


1 November 2014
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Crazy Global Month in October

In the month of October alone Fredrik Haren was able to speak to: – Creativity experts in Bangkok, Thailand – Business Managers in KL, Malaysia – Steel Manufacturers in Linz, Austria – Accountants in Saigon and Hanoi, Vietnam – HR managers in Manila, Philippines – Marketing Managers at MINI in London, UK – Global Communication Managers at BMW in Munich, Germany – 4.000 business leaders in Vilnius, Lithuania – and customers of CITI BANK in Shanghai, China.