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Fredrik Härén is an author and speaker on Business Creativity. He has delivered over 2000 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 60 countries on 6 continents and has inspired hundreds of thousands of business people to become more creative and to look at the world in a new way. He is the author of nine books, including “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

8 February 2013
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News January.

The month of January was full of different experiences.

It started off with me on a floating raft in Palawan. I had breakfast on a river side hotel in Bangkok. Got to see the amazing fjords of Norway and got to go powder snow snowboarding in Sapporo, Japan. (Probably the best skiing of my life.) I then got to go back to Thailand again, before spending some time in Singapore and ending the month by going to KL, Malaysia twice in one week.

My clients were as diverse as the landscapes I got to see in January.

I spoke for senior managers of Volvo Trucks Asia, and politicians in Trondheim, for TV sales executives at FOX Asia, for Country heads for health company Mega and for Key Account Managers for Ericsson South East Asia, management students at SMU and I was the keynote speaker at the global conference for HID.

Even the subjects I was asked to speak on were diverse.

I spoke on: Creativity in The Developing World, Business Creativity, One World. One Company (about being a global company) and I even did a speech about how I look at the future of the world, and another one on how to live a creative life.

Yes, January was really full of different experiences.

(Picture of my legs covered by 50 cm of powder snow a few hours before I did my speech in Japan.)

8 February 2013
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How to be a global speaker.

Ever wonder how you could become a global speaker? In this video I share some ideas about how to become a global speaker, and every speaker should become one.  Recoded at APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore) where I got a standing ovation at the end.

7 February 2013
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A reference

“I have finished reading (The Developing World) and I enjoyed and found it thought provoking to say the least.”
– P Hoyer

7 February 2013
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A reference

“I listened to Fredrik in Bali at the FBN Asia Regional retreat and he was so inspiring!”
– A Aswani

1 February 2013
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A creative pilot – You have to be joking? (Post from newsletter.)

2012 was a year of travel. So it was a good fit that my last speech of the year was for Malaysia Airlines.

When I was chatting with my client at Malaysia Airlines I mentioned that one of the professions that most people do NOT want to be creative is “pilot.”

I find that sad. Personally I would love for the pilot who flies my plane to be creative.

The mistake that people do is that they confuse “creativity” with “prone to take risk.”

I do not think creativity is about “taking risk.”

I think creativity is about “taking opportunities.”

So what do the pilots say?

Well, I have asked quite a few and they all say that their job require them to be very creative.

Not very often. Most of the time the planes almost flies themselves.

But the reason there are two pilots on a plane is because of those freak instances when things do not go as planned on the plane.

And then the pilot has to deal with a situation that no one saw coming.

Unpredictability requires a lot creativity.

So pilots are not creative often, but when they have to be, it is a crucial, life-and-death, skill.

So be inspired by the work of pilots and realise that most of the time life – just like a plane – flies by.

But once in a while something happens where we can become heroes if we have the creative wits to improvise and do the unpredictable.

And if we miss that opportunity the result can be catastrophic.

(This text is taken from the January newsletter. Want more creativity inspiration in straight to your inbox? Sign up for the newsletter using the link below.)

31 December 2012
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News December.

Looking back.

For me 2012 was The Year of the Traveler.

In one year I worked in 24 different (!) countries.

Sweden, Finland, Norway, England, Holland, Russia, Spain, Romania, India, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, UAE, USA. North Korea, Malaysia and Macau and France.

In one year I used 32 different (!) airlines.

Air Asia, Air Phil, Aeroflot, ANA, BA, Cathay, Cebu Pacific, CHINA SOUTHERN, Delta, DragonAir, Emirates, Ethiad, Finnair, GARUDA AIRLINES, Iberia, KLM, Jetstar, Lufthansa, LOT, MAS, North Korea Air, Norwegian, SAS, Singapore Airlines, South West Airlines, Tiger Air, Thai, Turkish, Qatar, United, Zest Air and a privately chartered plane to Ukraine.

In one year I spoke for the most diverse groups of people. From government officials in Norway, to lawyers in China, to Nike employees in Portland and university professors in Pakistan. And many, many more.

The more I travel the more I realise two things:

1) We have much more in common with each other than we think.


2) We have so much to learn from each other.

1 December 2012
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One month in the life of a professional speaker (2 min video)

Ever wonder what it is like to be a professional speaker? Watch this video to get some inspiration of what the job is like.

21 flights, 11 speeches, in 10 different countries in 1 month – and still 6 days off with my family.

28 November 2012
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News November

All in November:

At a resort in Malacca I spoke for LandLease and learnt about how the construction industry is looking into using un-manned, flying helicopter robots to build houses in the future.

At a resort in Sentosa I spoke for KPMG Singapore and learnt about how KMPG is trying to become “one”.

At a resort in Bali I spoke for the Family Business Network and learnt about how The Green School is using bamboo and new ways of thinking to change what a school can be.

At a resort in Las Vegas I spoke for PMI and learnt about how the latest trends in Project Management.

At the Shangri-La Hotel in Manila I spoke for Union Bank and learnt about how a bank can work with a government and a mobile operator to totally transform the payments of pensions.

At the former Olympic Stadium grounds in Munich I spoke for the top, global sales executives of Volkswagen and learn how the largest car company in the world looks at the future of transportation.

And infront of 2000 people in Trondheim, Norway, I learnt about how a municipally can push creative thinking.

To be creative you need to expose yourself to a lot of different inputs. So November was a good month for me in this regard. Loaded with knowledge and information from the most different industries my brain is now ready to enter the second phase of the creative process: contemplation.

(Picture from FBN visit at The Green School, that i got to attend.)

28 November 2012
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A Reference

“Fredrik Hären was very well received indeed. In fact, people queued up to see him and we had to add more chairs to his room!”
Michael F

27 November 2012
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“An amazing evening with Fredrik Haren on being a Global Speaker. Real, Inspiring, Authentic. Thank you Fredrik.”
– Joanne F