Fredrik Haren speaker recommendations

As a professional speaker you thrive and prosper on getting positive feedback from the people who book or listen to you.

Here is what some additional clients of, and attendees to, Fredrik Härén’s speeches have to say:

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“Everything went great. On the evaluation you got all fives – except from one person who gave you a four, and one person who gave you a six (out of 5!).”

– Staffan M

“Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge about creativity with our kindergarten sector; and more importantly, for inspiring them to shift their paradigms. We sincerely believe your sharing will go a long way in changing the way our children are taught. The feedback from your session was excellent.”

– Jeanne Teh Hsiao Chuin, Ministry of Education Singapore


“Unbelievably inspiring to listen to you. You are great role model.”

– Rikard U, HP


“Now do not forget to fill out the evaluation forms, and to give AWSOME feedback so that we can Fredrik back here again as soon as possible!”

– Moderator at speech for Singapore Government.


“It’s general consensus that Fredrik was the best presenter at the Summit ☺. We were very glad to have him.”

– Evaluation from the Parallels conference


“My name is Irena and I was lucky to attend your super-interesting lecture on Innovation yesterday.Just wanted to add that I am very happy that I could hear your ideas, which are mind-opening, energizing, and set a new was of thinking on certain aspects of my life and work.”

– Irena K


“I want to thank you for your inspirational speeches, they really make me think. Everything you do is amazing!”

– Erik G


“I am taken a back by your speech. It made my warm in my heart, i am so impressed. And happy. Thank you! What you did was fantastic. You made the evening magical. You rocked. Many people, including myself, said it was the best speech they have ever heard, (and that is NOT us just being nice, we all meant it!)

– Stefan K


“Thank you to you for your speech for us last week. I have spent this week collecting feedback from the delegates and they are all extremely happy [with your talk].”

– Martin H


“After watching one of [Fredrik Häréns] speeches my puls started race, I couldn’t sleep … It was such joy and optimism.”

– Leena R


“I am a 15-year old boy and I wrote to you to thank you after seeing one of your speeches. Your talk was facinating and really interesting, it really made me think.”

– Samuel W


“Fredrik Häréns speech made my jaw drop! It was the most inspiring speech I have ever seen.”

– Johan L


“I practically fainted the first time I heard Fredrik Härén speak.”

– Cecilia K


“Your presentation last year at our AP Leadership Conference was such a great success, our firm would like to consider inviting you to speak again.”

– Diane H