25 September 2014
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To Reflect about Reflecting


Great ideas comes from combining things we know about. So the more things we see, the more curious we are about different things and the more we travel and explore the world around us the bigger the chance that we can combine those different pieces of inspiration to a new idea. But we also need time to reflect. Because good ideas come when we give ourself time to look inside.

In the last 12 months I have travelled to 30 different countries on 5 continents and spent more time in the air than a commercial airline pilot – all to expose myself to many different cultures, countries, industries and people.

But I have also given myself a total of 5 months off – most recently spending 10 weeks on an island in Sweden just playing with my kids and reflecting on life.

I am convinced that people who give themselves plenty of time to reflect and rest are more successful in being creative – and for sure they are more harmonious and less stressed.

Taking time off to work less coincided with my most busy and successful year as a professional speaker ever – I guess that proves my point in a way.

After ten weeks on an island I am now back in full speed again travelling around the world to speak – full of ideas and ideas.

I hope this post will inspire you to take some time off to reflect about if you are giving yourself enough time to reflect.

I did a short video about the two parts my creative process – Inspiration and Reflection.

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