1 October 2015
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September – Back on the horse again (that should be plane)

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After two months of Paternity leave/vacation I was back on the road again in September in my role as the Global Conference Speaker.


It kicked off with a bang as I got to go around the world again. Delivering a speech for the global innovation team of VISA (at a conference in San Francisco) and then scoot off to Croatia for a big management conference in Split, before closing the around-the-world trip by coming back to Singapore just 5 days (!) after leaving.

I also got to connect to my native Sweden by speaking to students in Lund – and for business executives in Malmö.

And also did some speeches in my new home country Singapore: including for 800 directors at the Singapore Directors Conference – and for the best sales manages across Asia at AIA (both having conferences in Singapore).

It’s great to be back doing what I love. And it is great being back on the planes getting to see our small, little, blue planet from above to remind us how we are all on this planet together.

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