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Professional keynote speaker Fredrik Haren has a unique way of combining interesting content with an inspirational delivery. Almost all of his business comes from referrals. He has been invited to be a keynote speaker more than 2000 times by clients in virtually all industries and in more than 60 different countries on 6 continents..

Fredrik is a keynote speaker and author is based in Singapore but travels the world. Feel free to learn more about his keynote speeches on this site, to read what other clients are saying, and to watch some of his videos online. We look forward to work together with you at your next event to inspire your group to think in new ways.

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Below is a list of Fredrik Haren’s most popular speeches.

Most popular speeches by keynote speaker Fredrik Haren

Keynote Speaker Fredrik Haren is almost guaranteed to have experience of a similar group or industry to yours. He is also able to personalise the message according to your organisations need, whatever they might be. But to make it easier for you as a client to make a decision, here are some of the most asked for speeches at the moment.

Popular Speeches:

Title: Business Creativity.
(Based on the research for The Idea Book)

What creativity is, why it is becoming more important and why we need to be more creative than ever.

Why creativity is more difficult than we think but more important than we can imagine.

How can we become more creative as companies, leaders and individuals?


Title: One World. One Company – About being a Truly Global Company.
(Based in the research for One World. One Company.)

To go from MNC (Multi National Corporation) to TGC (Truly Global Company).

The Global Divide – how some companies thrive in a global world and some do not.

Pitfalls and challenges when trying to become more global.

Advantages of transforming your company to the next level.

An Eye Opener on how to look at the world, and your company.


Title: A Rapidly Developing World.
(Based in the research for The Developing World)

The need for Idea Perception: seeing how the world is changing.

How is creativity different in the developing world and the developed world?

How to rapidly develop new ideas.

An inspirational and provocative speech for business leaders from both the developed and the developing world.

Keynote Speaker Fredrik Haren can also speak on, for example, Creativity and Customer Service, Creativity and HR, Creativity and Sales, Creativity and Leadership, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Change and other similar subjects.

After spending the last 12 years working full time as a professional speaker and business author Fredrik has spend 1000′s of hours interviewing business leaders and creatives from all over the world for his research. That has given him a knowledge base that makes him very comfortable to speak on these issues regardless of type of audience.

Popular Workshop:

Title: Business Creativity Workshop

How to develop your creativity

How to develop the creativity of your staff

How to look at creating new ideas

Learn now ways of turning problems into solutions

Creative environment – what they are and how to use them

What kills creativity and what develops it

Learn from some of the most creative companies in the world.

17 March 2013
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Awarded “Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)”

The Global Speakers Federation has 6,000 speakers as members. Less than 700 are CSP’s. In Asia there are only 10. One of them is now me.

After being a full time professional speaker (and author) for 12+ years who has spoken in 45+ countries I am very proud to be part of this professional and exclusive group of speakers.

15 February 2013
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A reference

“I heard a very inspiring talk by Hären at the Nordisk Børne tv festival in 2009:)”

S Ahlgren (ordering a book from our website today, 4 years after hearing the speech …

7 February 2013
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A reference

“I listened to Fredrik in Bali at the FBN Asia Regional retreat and he was so inspiring!”
– A Aswani

28 November 2012
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A Reference

“Fredrik Hären was very well received indeed. In fact, people queued up to see him and we had to add more chairs to his room!”
Michael F

27 November 2012
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“An amazing evening with Fredrik Haren on being a Global Speaker. Real, Inspiring, Authentic. Thank you Fredrik.”
– Joanne F

18 November 2012
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“It was wonderful to meet with you last night at APSS. Your perspective was very interesting and I greatly enjoyed learning from you.”
– Tanvi G

21 September 2012
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“Super inspirational….applying a new perspective to a challenge. Harnessing the energy into something positive. Very impressed. Thank you Fredrik Haren for your super inspirational talk last night.”
– Maria K

19 September 2012
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“Very engaging, funny and entertaining. We had a great response from participants who really enjoyed the presentation. We were able to treat our clients and top executives to an entertaining, yet business-related, event that initiated new positioning for our firm as innovative. Gave us a platform to demonstrate how we are innovative to clients.”
– KPMG Thailand

18 September 2012
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“Fredrik’s talk is an important piece for all creatives out there. Creatives around the world love the talk.”
– Daylon of Creative Mornings

17 September 2012
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A Reference

“What a lovely and inspiring presentation that you gave today morning for the MEC staff. Highly appreciable.”
– Mohamed K

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