The Idea Book

The Idea Book

The Idea Book is a book on creativity that is not like other books. 

The Idea Book helps you get great ideas and it helps you make your ideas happen by developing your creativity. It is also a place for you to keep your ideas.

The “book part” consists of 63 different chapters on how you can develop new ideas. Every chapter ends with a practical activity, or exercise, where the reader can practise the lesson of that chapter. The book is full of stories, anecdotes and quotes about how to generate ideas.

The “notebook part” is a place for your to work on, and store, your best ideas. Follow in the tradition of the long line of creatives that have used a small, black notebook to catch their ideas.

The combination of creativity boosts from the chapters, and a beautiful notebook for your ideas makes The Idea Book the perfect companion to anyone who wants to nurture their creativity.

As a self-published book that has managed to sell close to 250 000 copies to people in over 60 countries, the success of The Idea Book comes from the support and encouragement of its users. The people who get The Idea Book tend to love it and give it away to friends, colleagues or clients.

Want to know more? Download a sample to get a feel of the book, or just order one for yourself or a whole bunch to give away to your most creative friends, or to someone you know who could benefit from becoming a little bit more creative.

The Idea Book by Fredrik Haren

Develop your creativity and get great ideas with The Idea Book

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