2 July 2013
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News for June


What does baby food producers in France and logistics centres in China have in common?
How is a MBA class in Singapore connected to mobile phone developers in Taiwan?

And what does all that have to do with a japanese company committed to becoming a truly global company?

Well they where all examples of groups that I spoke for in June.

By being a global speaker on business creativity I do not only speak on creativity and global business – I also get to learn from businesses around the world, and in all kinds of industries, how they are using creativity and innovation to improve.

That is what I love with this job.
That I can stand and speak to a group of global managers from Danone on a wine yard in the south of France on day before jumping on a plane to go to the Philippines.

That I can fly in to Taipei to learn about how HTC is developing their new smart phone and the next day speak at the Global Technology Conference for clients of DHL.
Or how I can spend on day in Tokyo first speaking for a very interesting japanese company  and then going out with clients and have a traditional japanese dinner.


So June was another month full of different impressions from around the world giving me inspiration and teaching me many new things.

July will be something totally different.

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